What We Do:

We collect good students from different countries & recommend them in Chinese universities & colleges according their requirement’s. Every year we have students for Bachelor, Masters, PhD Degrees & Short Courses. We also recommend students to learn Chinese Language. Basically, we prefer good scholarship for our students. Such as,

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

2. Provincial Scholarship

3. University Partial & full Scholarship

4. Special Offer Scholarship


Our Service:

We are 24/7 on service to guide our students and keep in touch with them to help and sort out their questions. We instruct them about Chinese Education system, admission requirement for different universities, about different programs and courses offered by various universities, about fee structure, scholarship offered by different universities and any other expenditure and life in china. We guide them for application and admission process. We help them about requirement and process for visa in embassy. When students get their visa, we consult them for travel and provide cheapest air tickets and help them till university enrollment.


Many times a week, our management team get together and have discussion about previous and current issues going on. We collect all ideas and come up with a solution for better management. Sometimes we have gathering with our students and discuss about their problems and end up with complete solution in order to make our services better and better.


For giving proper and quick solution to our students, we are always available for their guidance. Our students can contact us through various platforms; as phone call, online chat, email or they can visit our offices. We are always there to help and guide you.


There is no finish line when it comes to system reliability and availability, and our efforts to improve performance never cease. For those students, who want to apply for admission or scholarship in China, we are most reliable source of information for them. We provide them exact and neutral information about universities and their admission procedure step by step. We are reliable in processing scholarship admission and trusted by thousands of students worldwide.



Leadership is never an avenue to be self-serving but a platform to render great service to people. Professionalism is knowing; how to do it, when to do it and doing it. We are doing it for last few years and our work made us expert in educational field. We had our own way to guide students and get their scholarship admission in different universities with our professionalism. With us, now your admission at your favorite university is just a click away.